November 2015 News letter

I’m Pleased to welcome 2 new members to the DCW. Ken and Edith who both live in Dover signed up and we hope that their participation in the DCW is a rewarding as they expect.

Apparently there is another lady keen to join the Arts & Crafts section as well.

A rustic Garden chair was brought in to be repaired by Kevin. One of his neighbours asked if it could be repaired. The use of a copper log and some roof batten screws plus, replacing the seat panels made short work of this repair. On completion I coated it with some timber stain and it looked as good as new. The Arts &Crafts ladies came into the woodworking section and admired the finished product. So Much so that orders were taken to make similar seats from scratch. The first proto –type was sturdy and had an equal finish as the manufactured item we repaired.

This proto-type has since been sold and the original person who sent theirs in for repair wants another one similar.

I have started making components for another two units.

Making the wheels is relatively simple. Getting suitable branches for the back rest is the difficult part.

Robert has a fallen tree that may yield these branches. This tree is a recent fall and is still relatively green. Removing the bark is not to difficult, just time consuming.

John Tapp and myself completed a gate installation at a Dover residence. This gate was to ensure that a grandson could not escape to the road. The recipient was most pleased with our efforts and was pleasantly surprised at the cost. As a community workshop we help where we can. We are not retailers and have no intension of taking work from local trades people.

Our Wooden Toy sign is starting to attract customers. Most callers are travelling and don’t have room for large items. One tourist called in Thursday and wanted to buy a piece of myrtle. It was marked as $3 but he gave $5. I asked him where he was from and he said he was from Geelong / Queenscliff area in Victoria. On the off chance I asked if he knew Jack Beazley. Jack is a great mate and they are in several clubs together. Jack Beazley is the Master Shipwright who built La Chaloupe.

I told the gentleman that we are taking La Chaloupe to Franklin on Sunday to race against steam powered boats and to have some fun. It is a small world.

Dover District High School approached us to make a bush set of stairs for the wetlands area they are having a working bee this Sunday. We have the materials already and will slot in a time to remove the rotten set and replace them with new ones.
We can not attend the working bee as it clashes with our rowing outing at Franklin on Sunday.

If you would like to have some fun, join us at the Franklin Wharf before 9am on Sunday 15/11/2015. We still have a few seat positions vacant.

We need six rowers and a tiller operator.

I already have bribed the handicapper so we should get a placing in the races.