Thursday 19/11/2015,

Had a productive day in the workshop. Six starters, including Peter. Harry and I put steel tyres on the wheels for the rustic garden seats on Wednesday after returning from the meet and greet by “Helping Hands” This gave us a kick start in the completion of another two of these type of seats.
Kevin informs me that the lady who originally sent her rustic chair in for repair want another one of the same ilk. We have almost completed the three extra seats I planned for and all have been sold.
Ann Claughton purchased the first one, Bev Bell wants the next one off the production line and Kevin’s friend who started all the sequence with the repair of her seat wants the last one.
If anyone want a rustic seat please let me know as we will need to order some missing resources.These seats are labour intensive and are subject to materials at hand and what we can scrounge, they are unique in themselves. I will set up a working crew to replace a set of bush stairs in the wetlands adjacent to the Dover District School. WE have already received the materials. We just need time to do the job.
The one I’m sitting on (I’m the crash test dummy) is for Bev Bell the other is for Ann Claughton.

Photos courtesy of Ken our latest member.

Regards Ron Wells