In October I completed a grant application to the RACT for two welding helmets costing $500.
I received the reply in todays mail . We at this time were unsuccessful.
While at my desk I decided to follow up on the TMSA grants round 3 which we also have an application with.
This being for the Kiln and Potter’s Wheel total of about $5000.
Geoff Marsh the CEO of the TMSA has advised that the decisions have been made and a authorising signature from the Premier is the final action. We should have an answer within a week or so.
Keep your fingers crossed we need this one.

2015-11-25 10.29.492015-11-25 10.30.49
I attended the ladies group today, Wednesday 25th Nov. and we have signed up another member with the Arts and Crafts group. Desiree, Klebba Rob’s partner, decided she want in on the fun as well.