On the 2nd of December we had our 2015 Christmas party at the thermal springs in Hastings.
Mary set off early to ensure we got a table and barbeque. The rest of us met up at the workshop and followed on after. As a group we enjoyed a reduced entry fee.
We had every kind of weather on the day so no one did any swimming.
All in all the barbeque was a success. John Mavin took over as chef and did a wonderful job of cooking our meats. The ladies as usual, did us proud with the sides and deserts. Many of our newer members who were new to the area had said that the venue was most pleasing.
The ladies will advise the dates when they will close and re open in due course.
The woodworking side will have our last workshop on the 17th of December and return on the 14th of January 2016. We will reopen for special tasks for the community if necessary during our closure for the holidays.
At the Party I announced that the AMSA’s major sponsor Cabots Timber Coating were sending out to all men’s sheds in Australia 10 litres of their product free of charge. These items arrived this week and will come in very handy over the coming year.
All three Rustic Chairs have been completed and sold. One more order has been taken and will be completed in the coming weeks.
Kevin delivered the wrong chair to his friend. This will be rectified this Thursday.

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Xmas party2015