The Dover Community Workshop was donated funds to create a “Hot Works Area” as an addition to the existing building. The original building has wooden floors which are unsuitable for hot type works such as welding and the potential use of a kiln.

Round three of the Tasmanian Men’s Shed grants program set up by Wil Hodgman and the State Liberal closed recently. We had applied for the cost of a Kiln and a Potter’s Wheel including freight from the mainland to the value of $5000. John Tapp (our President ) received a letter from The Premier advising that we have been successful with our application.

We have already received funding for a welder from Huon Aquaculture, which is now up and running in the Hot Works Extension.
I have contacted the suppliers to ensure they have stocks that were quoted and they are still at the same price. The kiln will be supplied as quoted. Unfortunately the potter’s wheel is no longer available.
The replacement potter’s wheel is $300 dearer than quoted. This is not a real problem as we have been selling items that we have been making and we for once have a healthy bank balance. This extra cost will be absorbed by our own funds to ensure we get quality equipment.
I will order these items in the new year as both suppliers have closed for the Christmas season.
Researching Pottery sites highlights the need for tools, clays, glazes and kiln furniture. These extra and varied items will be purchased when we have the two major items in our possession.
When we have these items up and running, our members will enjoy yet another activity that will allow their creativity to come fourth.
As our membership at this time is $25 for the year (this may rise slightly when we get a quote from the Australian men’s Shed Association in February), anyone with an interest in pottery or welding can join up and make use of the facilities of the whole workshop. Depending on operating costs, and the cost of some materials we may charge extra to cover these expenses.
Hopefully our 5 kilowatt solar array will help keep the operational costs of the kiln to a minimum.
Since its installation we have achieved credits each quarter. In the summer months we achieve around $200 per quarter and about $75 in the winter months.
If you are a current member let me know if you are interested in pottery. If you are not a member, then pay our joining fee and complete our application form, then you too can make use of this equipment.

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