La Chaloupe

Greetings All, We took La Chaloupe to the Australia Day Awards in Franklin on the 26th. Many comments on how pleasing she looked from some of the visitors. During the day I got a call on my mobile. Someone fro the LBT advised me to return to the boat as they had just pumped her out as she was taking on water.
Cracks had opened up in the hull above and below the water line.. We decided to get the boat out ASAP. Taking La Chaloupe back to the boat ramp was uneventful.
Getting her back on the trailer usually is very easy. With so much water on board we took a lot of strain off the winch by only winching her part way on. This highlight a trailer problem. The trailer was bending at the end of the A frame.
We suspect that the damage to the boat may have been because the trailer was not adequately supporting the hull over it full length                .IMG_2287
To add insult to injury while I was winching the boat on my mobile fell in the water from my top pocket. Yep, one dud phone. I hope placing it in rice will dry it out as I have been advised. Otherwise a new phone is on the cards.

I spent the afternoon making bracing brackets for the trailer to ensure it does not fail and damage La Chaloupe any further. I am doing this at my workshop as it is more convenient for me . I’ll talk to John and see if he agrees that the boat can be repaired in the new extension or on my front lawn . John thinks it should be repaired in a dry environment as we will need to use epoxy type glue compounds and fibreglass webbing. We will look at the logistics Thursday (tomorrow)

Rons Birthday Party

Today the ladies of the workshop gave me a belated birthday. There was some great tucker and most active members turned out for the party. . Its official now I am 65, a pensioner, a Grey Hair, don’t I wish, any hair would be nice.

Ducting in the Woodwork section

Harry and I picked up some donated items and we will fully asses these tomorrow.
We are in a real mess in the woodworking side due to the redesign of the walls to accommodate the ducting sponsored by Huon Aquaculture. We are still waiting on blast gates ( valves that we can open or close to direct the suction).

Potters Wheel (s)

I have sent away cheques for the potter’s wheel and the Kiln. The potter’s wheel should be on its way and the kiln will follow mid February as the company does not reopen until the 1st of Feb. The cheques need to clear before the suppliers will act.
Had a bit of luck last week I have my own boat on Gumtree for sale and I just happened to look out for pottery items and a potter’s wheel was on sale for $250 with tools various. I tried to get permission from the directors but no one was around at the time . I had to act.
The cheapest potters wheel I have seen and I have been researching for months was over $800. To find one for $250 was too good to miss. I rang the owner and dashed up to Claremont and after checking out as best I could I purchased it there and then. Now we have two potters wheels and some tools for starters.

Politicians visit

I had a brief conversation with Will Hodgman at the Australia Day event and he is keen to come and visit when the Hot Works extension is up and running.

That’s all for now from the blood sweat and tears department