Greetings all. We have had a very busy workshop of late. We had thirteen men turn up for the workshop last week. We needed extra today to cover the works load but only had four turn up this week.  John Tapp our President is on the main land enjoying a holiday away from the cold.
We have received today a cheque for $300 from Rosalie Woodruff MP for the Greens.
I have given an open invitation to Rosalie to come an see us.  I will advise when she will come to our workshop.
I have been doing adjustments to the home of a lady who is frail aged and needs certain things done to ensure she can remain in her house. Unfortunately when visiting to do these changes the lady had fallen in her bedroom and was locked in. I heard her calling and asked a neighbour where the key was to the door. I gained access and called an ambulance. The lady had been on the floor from 6am until I arrived at 11.30 am. Dover Volunteer Fire personnel assisted the ambulance staff in the rescue. I have still to complete some of the tasks at the house but the lady is now being looked after at the EPMC. She is now in The Royal getting further health checks.
Rob Morgan and I finished off some of the tasks on the day but as I said there is still some work to do when she is back home.
We have two commissions at the moment. One Rob and I finished today being a re-floor of a box trailer. After much banging and cutting we managed to get the old floor removed and then cleaned up the supporting angles. A 9mm plywood floor was tech screwed into place and a splash of paint completed the job.
The second commission is to put a surround on a copper bin to make it safe for firewood storage. Rob and I came up with an idea how best to do this and we have sourced the timbers to do the job. We have some black heart sassafras boards that will suffice and Rob has cut out the shapes to suit. Time ran out today and we will complete this next week.
When we need the member numbers we don’t get them. Very frustrating.
The ladies had a morning tea for several reasons. Lorraine feeling better, Yvonnes’ past service thank you and  Sylvia’s Birthday.
The pottery has gone off the boil and there is only a hand full of members still keen to continue. If you are a member and want to have a go at throwing a pot, we have some clay available for you to have a go.
It is not as easy as it seems but very rewarding when you get it right. Someone is always available to guide you so let your interest be known.
Non Members are invited to have ago but we ask that to continue they must formally join the organisation for insurance purposes. Our Membership is $25 per year pro-rata renewable in February. If you join this month it will only cost $13.00
I have requested a wet birth in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in February next year for La Chaloupe. We hope to have sails on-board this year so not so much rowing.
As per last festival we launch at the Royal Hobart Yacht Club and meet the vessels heading to the festival as they pass the headland opposite the RHYC.
I am looking for a crew to man the boat on the day. We can take up to 10 people. You will need to supply your own life jacket (PFD). Let me know if you want to be on board on the day, 10th of February 2017
The sail past is usually at 1.00 pm but this may change. You will need to make your way back to your vehicle at the RHYC once we arrive in Constitution Dock.
I have a quote from Caroline Mason (Quokka Fabrics ) to make a boat cover for La Chaloupe. The Quote is $400 which is basically the cost of materials as Caroline said she would make it (Labour) No charge. I will get approval from the members and committee before I go ahead.
Now that Yvonne has stepped down from the post of Coordinator, our ladies are taking it in turns covering this vital position. We get yelled at because we track sawdust through onto the carpet. I have added the final task of the day to our work list. Vacuum the carets!
Hope this will get us back in the good books with the ladies.
Rob and Guil have been stripping away the old paint from a dresser that was given to us some months ago. We started to remove the white paint and has partially disassembled it to see if we can get the surface clean enough for a varnish finish rather than painting.
Many an antique has been ruined by being painted when the original surface was stained or glazed. Hopefully the drawers and the case will clean up nicely and all we need to get to finish is a mirror. It has a swivel mirror above the drawers. It is about 500mm Square. If you have an old mirror that can be cut and fitted around this size, please let me know and we will fit it when the final finish is decided.
Come along on any Wednesday or Thursday, bring your project or interest and join in with our mad but friendly bunch.
I am pleased to announce that our Life Art Drawing has started. Currently it is being held on Friday at 10.30am for two hours. The model’s fee is $50 per sitting. This cost will be share by all who attend. The sessions are currently being held of site at Ken Tregoning’s art studio, 36 Cemetery  Road Dover. Call Meryl Moscrop if you would like to attend on 0427 128781. You will need to become a member of the DCW to participate. In warmer weather the classes will be held on site at the workshop.
That’s All Folks
Ron Wells