Running repairs

have taken up a lot of my time in the last few weeks. The compound mitre saw had a power failure and needed a new power lead. This was a relatively easy fix. The thicknesser jointer had a hissy fit when we reassembled it to do some heavy duty boards for a kitchen bench top we were asked to make. Then the band saw decided it would follow suit and while I was replacing the blade and realigning the blade cheek blocks the holder bracket decided to break. This made the band saw unusable until I could fabricate a new bracket. This put the saw back online but it was limited in its use. I managed to purchase from America a new bracket which helped greatly. The band saw is very old and is becoming less reliable as it does a lion share of work each and every work day.

Grant Application Update

I have applied to “Helping Hands Program” sponsored by Huon Aquaculture for funds to update this tired piece of equipment. A new band saw with guide roller bearings instead of cheek blocks is $792.00. I am pleased to announce that Helping Hands has approved our request and this is absolutely amazing as this is the fourth time they have come to our aid and support. On behalf of the Dover Community Workshop I wish to thank the Bender Family for the generous assistance to our organisation, not withstanding the countless other organisations, schools and public works they also assist. I will order the new saw as soon as the funds are banked.

VIP visiters

Rosalie Woodruff visited last week and was most impressed with the workshop and our members. The ladies put on a joint rosilymorning tea for Rosalie and for Mary’s birthday.
Today we were visited by Lisa Pohl from Council and the National judge of Keep Australia Beautiful. We gave them a tour of the workshop even though we were in a bit of a mess organising items for sale in the coming Garage sale on the 22nd. (don’t forget to get your items ready for the sale)

Events to come

Bob Catchpole from the National Garage Sale Trail also called in for a photo shoot to help advertise the event.
Lisa Pohl has asked the DCW to enter La Chaloupe in the Australia Day event again next year. I have agreed and will require a crew on the day. I have posted two lists for crew on La Chaloupe for the sail past at the Wooden Boat Festival on the 10th of February and another list for the 17th of February for the Huonville to Franklin Regatta.

Commissions and donations

As mentioned earlier we have been making two kitchen tops for a member. I’m glad to say that they are finished. The heavy boards that made up each kitchen bench were taxing our equipment let alone ourselves as well. Perhaps we shall decline such heavy work as none of us are getting any younger.

The Port Esperance Sailing Club commissioned two breakaway rudders for their fleet to teach kids to sail. Fixed rudders if forgotten on coming up to the beach will hit bottom and perhaps break. These rudders will fold up when they touch bottom. I have asked for a donation of $80 for both rudders as they are largely made from marine ply which is not cheap.

nine days to the Garage Sale

Rob put in a big day getting tables and saleable items down from the annex. Guill price tagged the toys and Harry glazed one of the wheel barrow planters. John finished of the second planter.

There are only nine days to the Garage Sale. Check out your shed, cupboards and garages for unwanted items that can be turned into $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Have your items price tagged and with your name. If you sell it, all the profit is yours. If we sell it for you, we take 15%. All items must be on site by 8.45am. Unsold items must be removed promptly at 3pm.

We have several tables available and the first in best dressed.

If you have any questions call me on 0488 227346