1. Ladies Bicycle; Won by Trevor Savage
2. Pot Plant Barrow; Won by Margaret Wilson
3. Small Blackwood stool; Won by Phone number unanswered
4. Wooden Pantech Truck ;Won by Aileen Clark
5. Wooden Crane truck ; Won by Jeanetta
6. Wooden Trayback truck ; Won by Kerry Coleman
7. Pottery Set; Won by Dorie
8. Grooming Set; Won by Kelly Wiggins
9. Set of Buffalo make China Plates; Won by Trish Stott
10. Sherry Glasses; Won by Ron Webb
11. Fondue Set; Won by Tina Calver
12. Glass Plate with Fruit & Nuts; Won by Shane
13. Leaf Tray with Fruit & Nuts; Won by Iris Hudson.
The Dover Community Workshop would like to congratulate the winners and thank all those who supported our raffle.
The funds will help keep the workshop ticking along.
We are always looking for members. Ladies day is Wednesday with Arts and Crafts along with Pottery. Men’s day is Thursday with woodwork, metal work and restoration type work.
In general women and men are welcome on either day.
We wish all our supporters a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year