We managed to launch La Chaloupe from the boat ramp at the Royal Hobart Yacht Club around noon on Friday. We had noted a small leak previously so I fitted a bilge pump just in case. We rowed and sailed out to the mustering point off the point at the Casino. The fleet lead by the Governors’ boat sailed into the bay and we joined in as they passed. We were lucky to get in behind the Young Endeavour and we then made our way into Constitution Dock. We had to bring down the mast to get in or wait 45 minutes to have the bridge opened. We monitored the level of water in the bilge and it became a constant job to pump it out. We tied up in Constitution Dock and checked the bilge again. As the boat would need to be on site over two nights unattended we decided rather than have a sunk boat we would return to the RHYC and take La Chaloupe out of the water. It was most disappointing to have to do this and I have some concerns about the next event at Franklin next Friday.
The crew enjoyed the day. Rob Morgan (AKA admiral) did the lion’s share of launching and retrieval. Mat, Ken, Julia, Andy and Andrew plus myself made up the crew on the day.
Ron Wells