La Chaloupe has finally been trialled and although we had a few dramas she performed as we thought it would. We tried to sail windward but not having a centre board she crabbed along and did not perform. A following wind and she gets along quite well.
Sea trials in Esperance Bay helped us fine tune the workings.
We took La Chaloupe to Franklin as requested by Huon Valley Council and made her available to the public for short rides on the river. Our first trip saw us grounded on the Eastern bank and we had to be towed off by the service / rescue boat. My little 2hp Yamaha motor was used to motor against the wind and then we would sail back. Unfortunately the wind turned us away from our heading onto the logs on the shore line.
We sailed quite well windward and lowered the sails to return under 2hp power.
It was decided to remove the sails and allow the public to row La Chaloupe. Many Taiwanese people were keen to have a go and judging from the laughter they had a good time. My hat blew off into the water and our many attempts to retrieve it amused the riders.
All ages had a go and where appropriate, I let some of the younger ones steer La Chaloupe under power.
All in all we had a good day on the water. Rob Morgan as usual did most of the heavy lifting and his friend from the mainland lent a hand as well. Ken Tregoning met us on sight and also lent a hand.
We pulled out just before 2pm and headed home. Many thanks to Rob, his friend and Ken for their assistance on the day.
We have two grant applications current at the moment. I am reasonably confident we will get a good result.
We should know around May if we have been successful.
Just prior to Christmas the Far South Management sold us our building for one Dollar. Council has drawn up a lease agreement and we have just paid for our first year at $365.00 which is basically a dollar a day.
Included in the above grants are improvements to the building such as a hot water system, cupboards and an external professional paint job similar in colour to our new extension. As time goes by we will address other items that will help to maintain the building for our use and users well into the future.