After my stuff up last week announcing the wrong items on round 5 grant from the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association, I am pleased to announce that we have be partially successful with round 14 of the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

The funds for the hot water system and the building paint job have been approved and I have acknowledged this with the AMSA.

Items not funded were the 5 wall cupboards and the 5 kitchen type cupboards and the TV / DVD player.

I am calling a meeting of the members in the next week or so to discuss when the AGM should take place and to discuss the best use of funds in the bank.

We have still to repair / pay for the guttering and down pipes on the building. Funding from Bendigo to the value of $750 was received.

We recently received $1000 from Aurora for power generation from our solar array. We will soon receive $600 from Bendigo for sign placement.

It is nice to have a financial buffer in case something goes wrong. However it is pointless having funds in the bank if we have determined a need and need to fund it.

I am calling for agenda items for the next meeting. Please attend if you are a financial member. Visitors input is welcome but have no vote. I will advise the day and time in advance.

In summary; the DCW has been successful in Round 5 with the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association to the value of $4116.92 ( funding made available by the State Liberal Sport and Recreation Dept) and successful in partial funding from the Australian Men’s Shed Association to the value of $3099.00.

I am very pleased with the outcome as competition for funding is quite active.

I am seeking guidance on how to proceed over the next 12 months financially.

We have had the lion’s share of funding and to be fair we should hold off seeking funding unless there is adequate need or demand.

Regards Ron Wells