June Newsletter 2017

I went to the bank today to check on the funding. I’m pleased to announce that all the funds are in our account.

I spent the whole day getting in touch with suppliers and such. I went to Bunnings yesterday with cash from our account to purchase the power tools content of the round 5 grant funds from the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association. This was $773.00 and now we have reliable battery drills and other items as well.

The majority of these funds are for Carbatec who will supply the double bag dust collector, the lathe and other items previously noted. The storage shelves in this grant came to $448.71 which I paid for with my credit card. I will draw a cheque to reimburse myself directly. Need another signature.

I have requested that the plumber come to fit the hot water system Friday morning the 2nd of June at 9am. These funds and the building paint job are from round 14 of the Australian Men’s Shed Association being $1500 for the hot water and the balance for the paint job. I have informed the painter and he will start when weather and time permit.

All in all I will spend the monies as allocated. The acquittal process for both grants will need to be thorough and complete. We have to advertise the receipt of these funds as per the criteria. I will address this as goods and services are complete and adequate photos are available.

I am getting quotes for tiles and subsequent goods to lay them in the ladies toilet. I think that tiles will look much better and be more serviceable. Laying tiles is a skill unknown to us at this stage, so like all challenges, we will prevail. One quote is $200 all in, which to me seems quite reasonable. I will see what the second supplier can come up with first.

On the 26th of June (Monday) at 6pm we are having our AGM.

Nomination forms are on the table in the Craft Section.

I am requesting all members attend. We need to elect our steering committee and discuss how we are going to proceed into the new financial year. Ideally we should start a business plan, discuss how we will fund the items therein and who will do what and when. I am hoping that members will take a keener interest in how the workshop works, what it entails to keep the doors open, fresh ideas etc. These tasks are falling on the very few for the benefit of the many. If you would like to take a keener participation in the workings of the workshop, this meeting is your chance to put your hand up.

We can decide on projects, how to fund them, but the first and foremost action is to allocate a “Project Leader “

The project will have a budget and the project will be undertaken by the project leader within those gridlines. Not all plans go as they should so we need lateral thinkers who can decide options and accurately report blowouts to the committee who will advise further action or take advice from the Project Leader on how to overcome the problem.

Unless there is an obvious need I am holding off on grant applications as we have had the lion’s share of success recently. In fairness to other organisations we should hold off making requests.

Please, think on how “I can contribute to the workshop” and discuss this at the AGM.

Regards Ron Wells