Renovations are proceeding as planned. Rob (Morgs) is currently killing what ever growth is under the lino in the ladies toilet in anticipation of tiling the whole floor.

A utilities cupboard will be constructed in place of the old shower for brooms and vacuum cleaners etc. A fresh coat of paint and it should look rather good.

Hot off the press.  I had a call from Anna Vincent from the Premiers’ Office today. John mentioned that he would like to come to the shed next Wednesday the 5th of July.

This has been confirmed now as an afternoon tea at 2pm if we can arrange it.

Will Hodgman, Jacquie Petrusma and Nick Street will be in the visiting party.

We can call it a late lunch because it is out side our normal hours.

Please Come To The Workshop Next Wednesday and stay longer for our visitors.

We can show off our acquisitions of power tools from round 5 of the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Assoc. Grants Program and round 14 of the Australian Men’s’ Shed Assoc. being for the hot water system and yet to happen the external painting of the building.

I think we should put on a decent spread for these important visitors, so I will consult with Ken (our new Treasurer) to get funds for groceries etc. With the weather being so cold perhaps a hot soup and rolls and other light refreshments such as sandwiches and cake would suit. I will leave this up to the ladies who always put on a great spread.

John Tapp, Morgs, Ken and myself visited the Port Cygnet shed extension opening on Tuesday. We are very envious of the extension with the great layout and excellent equipment they have acquired. On our drive home we discussed the potential of a container to store timber and other items as Port Cygnet have done. If we can get approval of Council to place a 20 foot container parallel to the new extension on the skate park side it would be mostly out of sight and allow us to remove the mezzanine to give the Arts and Crafts side of the workshop an uninterrupted floor space without columns. A 3.5 meter by 1.5 meter table would give the ladies a less than crowded space to do their individual things. Crowding around the little extension table is becoming difficult particularly with having to manoeuvre around columns that support the mezzanine.

Perhaps we can hint at these requirements to our visitors and we just might be surprised.

It was a pre election promise from Will Hodgman that got us the Solar Array and the Hot Works Extension.

We are very limited in space and our workshop membership is increasing. We need to better use the available space to its optimum.

I will email all I can with this Newsletter and phone those who don’t have computers.

We need as many bums on seats for this one so let me know if you are coming for catering purposes.

I’m sad to say the Carol Mackenzie is leaving Dover this week to go back to sunny Queensland. I’m sure we will all miss her and her wonderful art that she produces.

Regards Ron Wells