Newsletter 30 10 17 Of  the  Dover Community Workshop

Attendance as far as the woodworking side has been quiet. (Morgs) Rob Morgan returns to Tasmania Tuesday the 31st October. John has bowling commitments and Ken is still recovering from his injured leg.

The Ladies are ticking along quite well with arts and crafts.

I checked the bank balance today and can advise that the thousand dollars from both the Premier’s Office and Huon Financial Services have been received. The Storage Shed this money is for, costs around $1670. The balance can fund the sleeper foundations and the recycled decking from the mezzanine will make the flooring. I am hopeful that Huon Council will sponsor the cost of steel and shelving to be constructed by our members for the storage shed. All in all the project is now fully funded and can proceed when we have enough fit bodies to get started.

Progressively we will empty the mezzanine into the hot works extension.

Removal of internal walls and studs next, then the flooring. Once this is done the columns can be removed and sheeting attached to cover bare steel walls in keeping with the rest of the building. Some electrical work will be required, such as terminating lights and power points that are part of the mezzanine. These will be relocated when the wall sheeting has been completed.

We were supposed to have a management meeting in September but my forgetfulness and medical challenges saw this date come and go without action.

We should have at least one meeting before the end of the year to help plan future events and give direction on how we want the workshop to continue. I have set November 17 (Friday) as the next scheduled meeting at 6pm at the shed. If you have any ideas, concerns or comment please let me know in writing (so I don’t forget)at least one week prior to the meeting.

I have a renewal for “Our Community Matters” for $85. This organisation alerts us by email when certain funding is immanent based on parameters we have set.

At this point in time I have no ideas that need funding. I feel that unless members have a reasonable idea that needs funding over the next twelve months we can save this cost until we have a better understanding of a direction for the workshop.

The Dover District School has asked me to quote on modifications to their signage and the supply of a notice board for the Southgate Shopping Centre. I have had some feedback for these tasks and will follow through now that I don’t have immediate medical issues to contend with.

John Tapp has launched his boat and what a cracker it is. I’m looking forward to a spin on the bay when time permits..

The people who are rowing La Chaloupe on Thursdays have given me $92. They have been collecting these funds towards the maintenance and upkeep of la Chaloupe. These funds are well received.

La Chaloupe has been on a wet mooring for over twelve months now and has grown a weedy skirt. The rowers have asked to use the trailer to take it out and give it a clean. A time and date has yet to be determined for this.

Currently none of our members have any interest in La Chaloupe. The registration of the boat and the trailer are costs that we must bear. I am asking for an agreement from all the members to give the boat “La Chaloupe and its trailer to these people once that have formally established themselves through the Esperance Sailing Club.

The ongoing maintenance and cost of registration is a drain, particularly when there is no members’

interest in the boat. A group who wish to use it frequently would ensure that La Chaloupe is looked after and will be enjoyed by Dover Locals in general.

This week we have started accumulating prizes for this years’ raffle.

I have cleaned up some of the old blackwood and made a two seater veranda bench seat. This when finished coated will be 1st prize. A small coffee table also in blackwood is second prize and other goodies still being set up.

Tickets will be on sale from Mary or at the Southgate Shopping Centre on Thursdays and possible Tuesdays when confirmed for a dollar each.

I often struggle finding meaningful tasks for the guys on the woodworking days. Granted we get commissions every now and then that benefit the community. I would like to propose a group endeavour for the guys to build a small rowing skiff. On its completion we could raffle it off to cover cost of materials.

I have been researching stitch and glue techniques on building small boats from the internet. With John Tapps wealth of knowledge on boat building and some tutoring, we should all get involved in a project that will hold everyone’s attention for a couple of months at least. Something around 12 ft long will take up a lot of space but a project that all can get involved in will keep hands and minds active. Personal tasks can still be undertaken, but when a free moment is available the members can return to the construction of the boat at their pace.

Lorraine and Ann are now back on deck. Ann wants to get down and dirty with another clay project. It would be nice to see a resurgences in the pottery section again. Julia is still doing her thing with seascapes etc..

To finish with a positive,,, Aurora sent in the latest statement for the winter months. Even having the electric heat on most workdays and the new hot water system, we made a credit of $92 which means we are still in credit and should go further in credit over the warmer months to come.

Regards Ron Wells

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