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At our last meeting I proposed to offer La Chaloupe to a group who were using our boat for recreational and exercise on our wonderful water ways. It was agreed that if this group (now known as the Dover Rowers) could become a recognised group under the auspices of the Port Esperance Sailing Club we would gift them the boat, trailer and sails.

I received the attached letter from Matt Wardell Commodore of the Port Esperance Sailing Club confirming that the Dover Rowers were now under their auspices.

I will contact Tasmanian Services to see if there is a provision to gift items as part of a transfer of ownership without paying transfer fees etc.

Currently La Chaloupe is on my front lawn having her bottom prepared for the next year in a wet mooring.

The Dover Rowers intent to relaunch La Chaloupe next week. I will assist in this endeavour and officially hand over the boat and trailer then.

Although the lion’s share in La Chaloupes restoration was undertaken by myself and John Tapp, I am pleased to see that our hard work will not be wasted and this wonderful boat will be seen cruising Port Esperance with people who will maintain and continue using this wonderful boat.

Ron Wells (Secretary)