Various stages of the development of the Workshop on the outside

To the Premier, Will Hodgman and John Synnott HVFS

I am pleased to advise that the storage shed that you partly funded has now been purchased and erected.

$1000 from the Premier’s Discretionary Fund and $1000 from Huon Valley Financial Services.
The Shed cost was $1680.00 and the balance of funds purchased 8 sleepers and 5 pieces of green tongue  floor sheets to make up a weatherproof floor.

Over the coming weeks our members will rationalise our stocks & inventory. I have received $500 from Huon Valley Council to purchase steel and MDF shelving to put in the new storage shed.
We wish to acknowledge the generous contributions and support you have shown our organisation over time.

On behalf of our member THANK YOU for your support.
I will forward copies of invoices as they come to hand.

Regards Ron Wells
Secretary of the Dover Community Workshop













The Dover Community Workshop is proud to announce that the new storage shed has now been erected.

Funding for this shed was from the Premier’s Discretionary Fund to the value of $1000.00.

A further $1000.00 was also supplied by the Huon Valley Financial Services (Bendigo Bank)

The Shed was valued at $1680.00 and the balance of funding purchased sleepers, star pickets (to anchor the sleepers) and 5 green tongue floor sheets to make an all weather floor for the storage shed.

We are very limited with space and having this asset will greatly allow us more workable room for the projects we do. Storing timber flat and organised will help with finding the right piece of timber for the job, rather than re sawing larger pieces we can easily find pieces close to requirements.

To complete the shed we needed decent strong shelving. Huon Valley Council assisted with $500 towards the purchase of steel and MDF sheeting. Shelving was made offsite and installed this week.

The members of the Dover Community Workshop would like to thank the Premier, Huon Valley Finances and Huon Valley Council who altogether funded this greatly needed asset of the DCW.

Back Wall      the shed picture

001      IMG_2114

access ramp (2)
link to our “Dover Community Workshop” Facebook Page
And a link to “La Chaloupe” Facebook Group page.

watch out for what happens on the inside



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