Rustic Garden Seat


11th of November 2015

Today at the workshop we completed a rustic garden chair. One of our members, Kevin brought in a similar seat to repair. Once the repair was done our ladies thought that this style of seat was most attractive. Some said they wanted one.
I said I would see how difficult it would be to make a similar one from scratch.
Today it was completed. One of our members has already claimed this proto type as theirs.
If anyone would like a similar seat, the charge will be around $200.
Please give the coordinator a call and place your order. 0488227346 or email Dover Community Workshop
This proto type was developed to see how best to construct a sturdy seat assembly with the rustic inclusion of tree branches. All in all the end product turned out to be very sturdy indeed. Our two heaviest members (me included) gave it a test sit and it passed muster very well. Our combined weight is nearly ¼ tonne so it should stand up to basic ware and tare.
Variation will occur as we build each unit as necessary depending on materials and branch availability. In general though, the chair will sit two people, have a realistic wheel each end and have a rustic back and arm rests.
As with all our productions, any failure or damage will be repaired free of charge for the first 12 months.
IMG_2241 IMG_2244