Newsletter January 2018


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At our last meeting I proposed to offer La Chaloupe to a group who were using our boat for recreational and exercise on our wonderful water ways. It was agreed that if this group (now known as the Dover Rowers) could become a recognised group under the auspices of the Port Esperance Sailing Club we would gift them the boat, trailer and sails.

I received the attached letter from Matt Wardell Commodore of the Port Esperance Sailing Club confirming that the Dover Rowers were now under their auspices.

I will contact Tasmanian Services to see if there is a provision to gift items as part of a transfer of ownership without paying transfer fees etc.

Currently La Chaloupe is on my front lawn having her bottom prepared for the next year in a wet mooring.

The Dover Rowers intent to relaunch La Chaloupe next week. I will assist in this endeavour and officially hand over the boat and trailer then.

Although the lion’s share in La Chaloupes restoration was undertaken by myself and John Tapp, I am pleased to see that our hard work will not be wasted and this wonderful boat will be seen cruising Port Esperance with people who will maintain and continue using this wonderful boat.

Ron Wells (Secretary)


November Newsetter 2017

Don’t forget the Christmas Luncheon at the workshop

                                     Wednesday the 6th of December at 1.00pm.

The party will be followed by a general committee meeting to close off the year and decide in when we will close and reopen over the Christmas break.

I have put aside some limited funds if people need assistance with bringing a plate etc.

Please BYO drinks.

On this occasion only, we will allow alcohol on the premises, as no equipment will be used on the day.

Please ensure you have a ride home if you are drinking alcohol.

Some members have already volunteered to do plates of food. Attached is the list so far. If you can contribute, it would be appreciated.

We were told that the building would be painted this week. Perhaps next week we may have better luck.

I have received the acquittal forms from the Australian Men’s Shed Association for round 14 shed improvement grants. We have already completed half of the funds allotment in buying and installing the hot water system. Still to spend of these funds is $1699 for the building paint job.

We have delayed the demolition of the mezzanine until after the Christmas party. On order are 6 sleepers and 20 star pickets for the foundations of the new storage shed which we have already received. Once the foundations are down we can erect the storage shed.

While clearing out the mezzanine we discovered a long blackboard which would have been from the original Dover School building.

John Tapp cleaned and patched it up beautifully. I offered the blackboard to the Dover District School and they were happy to receive it. John and I installed it on Friday on an external wall under an awning.

On Wednesday evening John and I attended the Huon Valley Council’s Community Grants presentation. We received $500 from these funds for steel and MDF for shelving in our new storage shed mentioned earlier.

Mary, Lorraine and Dezi have been selling raffle tickets down at Southgate. All the ladies have assisted in bringing together all the prizes ready for the raffle. Ticket sales have been quite good so these funds will go a long way to keeping our bank balance in the black. We will sail pretty close to the wind as far as funds are concerned but hopefully we can sell some more toys nearer to Christmas and get paying commissions as well.

I have been emailing shed members in Dover England and they are happy to keep a dialogue going. I have included them in our newsletter list and they will do likewise when they get the chance.

John tells me that Kim Power a Dover resident has some blackwood she would like to donate to the DCW. John will advise when and where it can be picked up.

Kim also has a near new cement mixer for sale. If you are interested, call John Tapp who can relay your interest. I will volunteer to take photos and list it on Gumtree for Kim if she likes as a thank you for the blackwood.

Ken has finally finished Meryl’s blanket box. Struggling with warped and misaligned boards saw this job become as big as Ben Hurr. Ken’s efforts have shown in the high standard of the finished item. Great work Ken.

That’s all folks, Stay safe and well.

Regards Ron Wells.

October Newsletter

Newsletter 30 10 17 Of  the  Dover Community Workshop

Attendance as far as the woodworking side has been quiet. (Morgs) Rob Morgan returns to Tasmania Tuesday the 31st October. John has bowling commitments and Ken is still recovering from his injured leg.

The Ladies are ticking along quite well with arts and crafts.

I checked the bank balance today and can advise that the thousand dollars from both the Premier’s Office and Huon Financial Services have been received. The Storage Shed this money is for, costs around $1670. The balance can fund the sleeper foundations and the recycled decking from the mezzanine will make the flooring. I am hopeful that Huon Council will sponsor the cost of steel and shelving to be constructed by our members for the storage shed. All in all the project is now fully funded and can proceed when we have enough fit bodies to get started.

Progressively we will empty the mezzanine into the hot works extension.

Removal of internal walls and studs next, then the flooring. Once this is done the columns can be removed and sheeting attached to cover bare steel walls in keeping with the rest of the building. Some electrical work will be required, such as terminating lights and power points that are part of the mezzanine. These will be relocated when the wall sheeting has been completed.

We were supposed to have a management meeting in September but my forgetfulness and medical challenges saw this date come and go without action.

We should have at least one meeting before the end of the year to help plan future events and give direction on how we want the workshop to continue. I have set November 17 (Friday) as the next scheduled meeting at 6pm at the shed. If you have any ideas, concerns or comment please let me know in writing (so I don’t forget)at least one week prior to the meeting.

I have a renewal for “Our Community Matters” for $85. This organisation alerts us by email when certain funding is immanent based on parameters we have set.

At this point in time I have no ideas that need funding. I feel that unless members have a reasonable idea that needs funding over the next twelve months we can save this cost until we have a better understanding of a direction for the workshop.

The Dover District School has asked me to quote on modifications to their signage and the supply of a notice board for the Southgate Shopping Centre. I have had some feedback for these tasks and will follow through now that I don’t have immediate medical issues to contend with.

John Tapp has launched his boat and what a cracker it is. I’m looking forward to a spin on the bay when time permits..

The people who are rowing La Chaloupe on Thursdays have given me $92. They have been collecting these funds towards the maintenance and upkeep of la Chaloupe. These funds are well received.

La Chaloupe has been on a wet mooring for over twelve months now and has grown a weedy skirt. The rowers have asked to use the trailer to take it out and give it a clean. A time and date has yet to be determined for this.

Currently none of our members have any interest in La Chaloupe. The registration of the boat and the trailer are costs that we must bear. I am asking for an agreement from all the members to give the boat “La Chaloupe and its trailer to these people once that have formally established themselves through the Esperance Sailing Club.

The ongoing maintenance and cost of registration is a drain, particularly when there is no members’

interest in the boat. A group who wish to use it frequently would ensure that La Chaloupe is looked after and will be enjoyed by Dover Locals in general.

This week we have started accumulating prizes for this years’ raffle.

I have cleaned up some of the old blackwood and made a two seater veranda bench seat. This when finished coated will be 1st prize. A small coffee table also in blackwood is second prize and other goodies still being set up.

Tickets will be on sale from Mary or at the Southgate Shopping Centre on Thursdays and possible Tuesdays when confirmed for a dollar each.

I often struggle finding meaningful tasks for the guys on the woodworking days. Granted we get commissions every now and then that benefit the community. I would like to propose a group endeavour for the guys to build a small rowing skiff. On its completion we could raffle it off to cover cost of materials.

I have been researching stitch and glue techniques on building small boats from the internet. With John Tapps wealth of knowledge on boat building and some tutoring, we should all get involved in a project that will hold everyone’s attention for a couple of months at least. Something around 12 ft long will take up a lot of space but a project that all can get involved in will keep hands and minds active. Personal tasks can still be undertaken, but when a free moment is available the members can return to the construction of the boat at their pace.

Lorraine and Ann are now back on deck. Ann wants to get down and dirty with another clay project. It would be nice to see a resurgences in the pottery section again. Julia is still doing her thing with seascapes etc..

To finish with a positive,,, Aurora sent in the latest statement for the winter months. Even having the electric heat on most workdays and the new hot water system, we made a credit of $92 which means we are still in credit and should go further in credit over the warmer months to come.

Regards Ron Wells

Again if you no longer wish to receive these newsletters please let me know and I will remove you from the contacts list.

Winter Newsletter 2017

Renovations are proceeding as planned. Rob (Morgs) is currently killing what ever growth is under the lino in the ladies toilet in anticipation of tiling the whole floor.

A utilities cupboard will be constructed in place of the old shower for brooms and vacuum cleaners etc. A fresh coat of paint and it should look rather good.

Hot off the press.  I had a call from Anna Vincent from the Premiers’ Office today. John mentioned that he would like to come to the shed next Wednesday the 5th of July.

This has been confirmed now as an afternoon tea at 2pm if we can arrange it.

Will Hodgman, Jacquie Petrusma and Nick Street will be in the visiting party.

We can call it a late lunch because it is out side our normal hours.

Please Come To The Workshop Next Wednesday and stay longer for our visitors.

We can show off our acquisitions of power tools from round 5 of the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Assoc. Grants Program and round 14 of the Australian Men’s’ Shed Assoc. being for the hot water system and yet to happen the external painting of the building.

I think we should put on a decent spread for these important visitors, so I will consult with Ken (our new Treasurer) to get funds for groceries etc. With the weather being so cold perhaps a hot soup and rolls and other light refreshments such as sandwiches and cake would suit. I will leave this up to the ladies who always put on a great spread.

John Tapp, Morgs, Ken and myself visited the Port Cygnet shed extension opening on Tuesday. We are very envious of the extension with the great layout and excellent equipment they have acquired. On our drive home we discussed the potential of a container to store timber and other items as Port Cygnet have done. If we can get approval of Council to place a 20 foot container parallel to the new extension on the skate park side it would be mostly out of sight and allow us to remove the mezzanine to give the Arts and Crafts side of the workshop an uninterrupted floor space without columns. A 3.5 meter by 1.5 meter table would give the ladies a less than crowded space to do their individual things. Crowding around the little extension table is becoming difficult particularly with having to manoeuvre around columns that support the mezzanine.

Perhaps we can hint at these requirements to our visitors and we just might be surprised.

It was a pre election promise from Will Hodgman that got us the Solar Array and the Hot Works Extension.

We are very limited in space and our workshop membership is increasing. We need to better use the available space to its optimum.

I will email all I can with this Newsletter and phone those who don’t have computers.

We need as many bums on seats for this one so let me know if you are coming for catering purposes.

I’m sad to say the Carol Mackenzie is leaving Dover this week to go back to sunny Queensland. I’m sure we will all miss her and her wonderful art that she produces.

Regards Ron Wells

Tasmanian Men’s Shed Grants Program.

The Dover Community Workshop has been successful in round 5 of the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Grants Program.
We requested $4116.92 for tool replacement and upgrade. This consisted of new wood lathe, a double bag dust collector, two battery drills and assorted hand tools and clamps. These funds were supplied through the Community Sport and Recreation Department of the Tasmanian Government.
Our organisation is most pleased with the ongoing support of the Tasmanian Government.
Ron Wells,


June Newsletter 2017

I went to the bank today to check on the funding. I’m pleased to announce that all the funds are in our account.

I spent the whole day getting in touch with suppliers and such. I went to Bunnings yesterday with cash from our account to purchase the power tools content of the round 5 grant funds from the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association. This was $773.00 and now we have reliable battery drills and other items as well.

The majority of these funds are for Carbatec who will supply the double bag dust collector, the lathe and other items previously noted. The storage shelves in this grant came to $448.71 which I paid for with my credit card. I will draw a cheque to reimburse myself directly. Need another signature.

I have requested that the plumber come to fit the hot water system Friday morning the 2nd of June at 9am. These funds and the building paint job are from round 14 of the Australian Men’s Shed Association being $1500 for the hot water and the balance for the paint job. I have informed the painter and he will start when weather and time permit.

All in all I will spend the monies as allocated. The acquittal process for both grants will need to be thorough and complete. We have to advertise the receipt of these funds as per the criteria. I will address this as goods and services are complete and adequate photos are available.

I am getting quotes for tiles and subsequent goods to lay them in the ladies toilet. I think that tiles will look much better and be more serviceable. Laying tiles is a skill unknown to us at this stage, so like all challenges, we will prevail. One quote is $200 all in, which to me seems quite reasonable. I will see what the second supplier can come up with first.

On the 26th of June (Monday) at 6pm we are having our AGM.

Nomination forms are on the table in the Craft Section.

I am requesting all members attend. We need to elect our steering committee and discuss how we are going to proceed into the new financial year. Ideally we should start a business plan, discuss how we will fund the items therein and who will do what and when. I am hoping that members will take a keener interest in how the workshop works, what it entails to keep the doors open, fresh ideas etc. These tasks are falling on the very few for the benefit of the many. If you would like to take a keener participation in the workings of the workshop, this meeting is your chance to put your hand up.

We can decide on projects, how to fund them, but the first and foremost action is to allocate a “Project Leader “

The project will have a budget and the project will be undertaken by the project leader within those gridlines. Not all plans go as they should so we need lateral thinkers who can decide options and accurately report blowouts to the committee who will advise further action or take advice from the Project Leader on how to overcome the problem.

Unless there is an obvious need I am holding off on grant applications as we have had the lion’s share of success recently. In fairness to other organisations we should hold off making requests.

Please, think on how “I can contribute to the workshop” and discuss this at the AGM.

Regards Ron Wells

Updated Grant Update

After my stuff up last week announcing the wrong items on round 5 grant from the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association, I am pleased to announce that we have be partially successful with round 14 of the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

The funds for the hot water system and the building paint job have been approved and I have acknowledged this with the AMSA.

Items not funded were the 5 wall cupboards and the 5 kitchen type cupboards and the TV / DVD player.

I am calling a meeting of the members in the next week or so to discuss when the AGM should take place and to discuss the best use of funds in the bank.

We have still to repair / pay for the guttering and down pipes on the building. Funding from Bendigo to the value of $750 was received.

We recently received $1000 from Aurora for power generation from our solar array. We will soon receive $600 from Bendigo for sign placement.

It is nice to have a financial buffer in case something goes wrong. However it is pointless having funds in the bank if we have determined a need and need to fund it.

I am calling for agenda items for the next meeting. Please attend if you are a financial member. Visitors input is welcome but have no vote. I will advise the day and time in advance.

In summary; the DCW has been successful in Round 5 with the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association to the value of $4116.92 ( funding made available by the State Liberal Sport and Recreation Dept) and successful in partial funding from the Australian Men’s Shed Association to the value of $3099.00.

I am very pleased with the outcome as competition for funding is quite active.

I am seeking guidance on how to proceed over the next 12 months financially.

We have had the lion’s share of funding and to be fair we should hold off seeking funding unless there is adequate need or demand.

Regards Ron Wells


Yet again

the Tasmanian Federal Government has supported the Tasmanian Men’s Shed movement.

I personally would like to thank the Premier Will Hodgman and his staff for their wonderful contribution to our shed.

Regards Ron Wells


Easter Update

La Chaloupe has been requested as the Start Finish boat in the Dover Easter Regatta.

It was blowing a gale on Friday as we were trying to position La Chaloupe . Luckily John Tapp and his boat Polly came to the rescue and towed La Chaloupe onto its allocated mooring. Well done to Morgs (Rob Morgan) and John Tapp for their efforts on the day.

1.Start and finish judges on La Chaloupe.

2.St Isles Skiffs returning to the beach after the Islands Race.

3. Changing of the judges by tender.

Hopefully we can contribute more at the next regatta.

A new member Kevin Miller is taking control of La Chaloupe from Sunday evening to use on the bay with a group of his friends.

Ron Wells